Fontebona, Infiesto – Asturias – Spain

Fontebona is a small-scal site meant for nature lovers and tranquility searchers. The sanitary facilities are simple but good. We offer a modest variety of food and drink.


At Fontebona we try to live as self-sufficiently as possible, an experience we gladly share with our guests. We have founded Asociación Fontebona, which is a centre to promote life in the open air. Fontebona (Good Spring) is named after the spring on our land.


Fontebona bienvenido


Mini courses in 2017


Starting this Summer you can attend daily mini courses. Examples are eco-building, sculpture, Spanish classes and hikes with or without donkeys. Participants stay in their own tent on our grounds or (we will) find accommodation (for them) nearby. Courses will take one to maybe two hours in summer. In the other seasons courses will take one day to one week.


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We are


We are Astrid and Thomas, Dutchmen living in this beautiful part of Spain since 2007. We offer courses for lovers of nature, art and culture. Our way of life is lowtech, off-the-grid and modest. We live in and with nature as much as possible. Our life is simple and stress avoiding.




Would you like to visit us ? Please contact us prior via e-mail ( or mobile phone (+34671507451 or +34722217451) about your plans. We speak English fluently.


Fontebona is a strongly hilly terrain with many trees and beautiful panoramic views. The grounds are inaccessible to vehicles. You can park your vehicle on the adjacent parking field.

mountains, beach and city

We chose Fontebona as the location for our activities because we like the terrain very much. But Fontebona is also situated very centrally in Asturias. Some examples:


Picos de Europa 30 km, 25 min.
El Sueve 15 km, 15 min.
Ponga 30 km, 20 min.
Redes 10 km, 10 min.


Playa de Fontebona 1 km, 5 min.
Swimming pool, Infiesto (high season) 3 km, 5 min.
Playa de Rodiles 40 km, 35 min.
Playa de la Griega 35 km, 30 min.
Playa de Vega 40 km, 40 min.
Playa de Ribadesella 45 km, 30 min. |feve 50 min.


Infiesto < 4 km, < 10 min.
Cangas de Onís 30 km, 25 min. |alsa 30 min.
Oviedo 50 km, 45 min. |feve 67 min.
Gijón 55 km, 50 min. |feve 100 min.


El Laboral, ciudad de la Cultura, Gijón 55 km, 50 min.
La cueva de Tito Bustillo, Ribadesella 45 km, 30 min. |feve 50 min.
Museo de la Sidra, Nava 20 km, 15 min. |feve 20 min.
Museo del Jurásico de Asturias, Colunga 35 km, 30 min.


Zoo La Grandera, Soto de Cangas 35 km, 30 min.
Jardín Botánico Atlántico, Cabueñes Gijón 50 km, 50 min.
Descenso del Sella, Arriondas 25 km, 20 min. |feve 30 min.
Acuario de Gijón 55 km, 50 min. |feve 100 min.

where is Fontebona?

In a straight line, Fontebona is situated less than 3 kilometres south of Infiesto in the municipality of Piloña, Asturias. Driving from Infiesto in the direction Campo de Caso on the AS-254, 600 metres after kilometre marker 3, turn left (opposite to a abandoned house). Follow the green direction arrows/triangulars. You reach Fontebona by following a concrete track first (about 600 metres), and 250 metres of dirt road at the end.



Itinerary from Infiesto to Fontebona (PDF, 900 kB)

Ferry Plymouth / Portsmouth (UK) - Santander (Sp.)

gps + googlemaps 43.324819, -5.381672


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