Fontebona, Infiesto – Asturias – España

Daily activities from mid May to mid September, examples:

  • The animal farm: chicken soap opera, donkeycare, keeping bees, cats in or out of the garden, the employability of a very small dog, sheep and how high they reach in the orchard, bears and wolves
  • Building and constructing: making a compost shower, bioconstruction, building a rocket stove, making a hydraulic ram pump, weaving a wall of hazelnut twigs, making soap, making a pinhole camera obscura
  • Veggie garden and orchard: pruning, grafting, strike cuttings, making compost, rotation and permaculture, forestry
  • Walks: walking with the donkeys, finding mushrooms, edible walk, walking with a GPS, reading maps, hiking in the mountains near Fontebona or further away, finding art in nature, gold prospecting
  • Food: Asturian kitchen, found food, preserving for example yoghurt, sauerkraut, jam, pickles (gherkins) or sandwich spread
  • Art, culture and nature: typically Asturian, found art, woodcutting, organic photography, conversational Spanish, visiting a museum, geology, Asturian art

Special activities between mid September and mid May, examples:

  • Making cider, 5-day workshop with picking, cleaning, pressing and keeping but also with cider tasting, visiting the cider museum and all in all having a very enjoyable time
  • Geology, one-day course at and near Fontebona, with an expert
  • Dowsing, one-day activity, with an expert
  • Gold prospecting theory and practise, one-day activity, with an expert
  • Donkey hike theory and practise, one-day activity
  • Paper marbling, one-day workshop
  • Organic photography, one-day course
  • Language course conversational Spanish, one- or multi-day courses
  • Finding mushrooms theory and practise, one-day activity
  • Mountain hiking with GPS and maps, theory and practise, one-day activity
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