Special activities

The special activities which we organize as Asociación Fontebona are conveniently arranged in our agenda. The contents will change regularly.

For October 2018 we have planned an autumn programme with many walks in nature from Fontebona. Have a look at the calendar or at the page https://fontebona.es/en/s2018okt.php for more information.

All activities are related to the objectives of our organisation: the promotion of life in the open air.

Usually the activities start around eleven in the morning. We ask participants to bring food to share. The hot meal (we're in Spain) of the picnic (can be cold, but more generous than only a simple sandwich) will be around two o'clock in the afternoon.

Standard price of € 5.- per person per activity. In exceptional situations the price will be higher or lower. The activity takes place with at least two participants.

You want to participate in an activity? Please warn us at the latest the night before the day of the activity and tell us how many people you will bring.

You know activities which would fit well in our agenda? Please let us know.

You can keep informed by subscribing to our mailing list. In order to do so, go to our contact form and select the subscribe option. We will send you a message every month with a survey of the activities for the coming month. If there are less activities, you will also receive less e-mails.

As far as we are concerned ¡hasta luego!