corona notice


corona notice

10th of May 2020
The corona virus has caused an insecure future. We know for sure that Fontebona is an excellent place to keep physical (not social!) distance and for avoiding masses. Tranquility and space always have been important here. Please give us a notice in time if you want to visit us, in order for us to take the adecuate corona steps.
People residing in Asturias are allowed to visit their family and friends from the 11th of May, and can also visit Fontebona again. This is fase 1 of 4
In one of the next weeks people residing in Spain are free to travel outside their region again. So you know people who will have to spend their free time in Spain? Would they feel at home in Fontebona? Why don't you tell them about us.
As yet it is unclear when people from outside Spain will be admitted again.
Time will tell. We will try to keep you informed about recent developments through updates on this page.

21st of May 2020
Monday the 25th of May Asturias enters fase 2: Or if you want more information about a specific municipality:
The vice-president of Spain, Teresa Ribera, foresees the Spanish borders will reopen for foreigners end of June, beginning of July "when safety is guaranteed":

24th of May 2020
According to Spanish president Sánchez they will open the borders end of June, beginning of July:

27th of May 2020
The question is no longer if or when Spain will open the borders, but if people are allowed to leave their country to travel to Spain for example.

3rd of June 2020
Most Schengen countries will open their borders to travellers from the 15th of June. Despite this decision quite a few uncertainties remain. Spain decides only after the 15th of June if and when she will open her borders. Asturias will probably enter fase 3 next Monday 8th of June. If the numbers in Asturias stay favourable, it is quite certain that Asturias will open up within the limits of the "new normal" beginning July.

4th of June 2020
The minister of Turism, Reyes Maroto, assured this Thursday that Spain will withdraw the restrictions at the Portuguese and French borders from the 22nd of June. (Reuters)

11th of June 2020
The news remains uncertain and contradictory. Minister Reyes Maroto rectified her message later. The spanish borders will probably only open the 1st of July.

15th of June 2020
The border soap does not stop entertaining us. According to yesterday's news, Spain will open her borders to the Schengen countries from the 21st of June on. The spanish-portuguese border will remain closed until the 1st of July though.

21st of June 2020
As of today people are free to travel without any restrictions in Spain, and from and to the Schengen countries (except Portugal). A mask is mandatory in public transport and in places where it is impossible to maintain the compulsory one and a half metre distance.

29th of June 2020
We're off the track. Apparently the borders in the end will only open on the 1st of July. We give up. Sigh...
Meanwhile Asturias has her 18th day in a row without positive corona cases today.

16th of July 2020
Asturias stayed without new corona cases for 25 days. Unfortunately that beautiful sequence got interrupted by a few contaminated people coming back from places like Galicia, Barcelona and the Dominican Republic. Now again Asturias is without new contaminations for quite a few days already. Meanwhile Asturias is considered being the exemplary region whose successful approach is copied by the other Spanish regions.
Since yesterday a mask is compulsory in urban areas and also in rural areas where crowds are recorded.

24th of August 2020
A lot of European countries (e.g. United Kingdom and Germany) applied code orange for travelling to Spain already. From midnight this measure applies for residents in the Netherlands as well. All unnecessary travel is advised against. It is strongly recommended to go into home quarantine after homecoming.

12th of October 2020
In the entire country, but now in Asturias as well, the number of covid cases is rising to what seems to become a plateau instead of a new contamination peak.

26th of October 2020
Asturias is closed for incoming and outgoing traffic as of now. Not that Asturias is doing a bad job compared to other region's. President Barbón took fast precautionary measures in spring and does so again now for Asturias.




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