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Fontebona is

Fontebona is a small-scale eco-finca where you can follow us along on our daily chores or participate in special activities. In between times you relax near your own tent or in our Sala de la Luz. If you participate in our activities, we can also find you accomodation nearby.

You can participate, but there's no obligation whatsoever to do so. As far as we're concerned it's all up to you. See it as a natural and informal thing. Your curiosity is raised by something, you ask us about it and we take our time to answer. Or to show you around. Explain things.

What? No camp-site then? No no. We are not a camp-site. Yes, that's how we wanted and concocted it once upon a time. But the Asturian rules leave no room for our kind of small-scaled projects. It turned out we would have to cram in as many people as possible, to make Fontebona profitable. So we changed plans.

Now it happens that we always liked to share our knowledge with our guests and wanted to let other people tell about their experiences as well. So now we're a eco-finca where you can learn from us, from one another and from experts about a life in and closer to nature.

To formalize the set-up of our eco-finca we founded Asociación Fontebona, centre to promote life in the open air, in 2016. Fontebona is registered under number 11741 in the Registro de Asociaciones del Principado de Asturias.

Our activities and chores are

Our activities usually have a relation with life in the open air and a self-sustaining existence. In the summer season you can simply follow us along while we go about our daily chores. The average day offers so many interesting things already. In the other seasons, but certainly in summer also, we take more time to study subjects in depth during special activities of one or several days.

What's there to be learned in Fontebona then? Well, what not? From scraping out donkey hooves to building a new wall of hazelnut branches. From visiting a museum because we feel like it and everyone who wants to can join in, to a walk in the Picos because not only us but also our guests fancy a hike.

There are more examples on the pages daily activities or special activities. We also have a calendar which shows you the dates of the special activities.

Prices and conditions

We ask 10 euros per person per day for following us along on our daily chores during a basic day. Free for children up to 2 years. We offer a family discount. If you come with your own tent, it shouldn't be too big because of the limited sizes of our terraces. Please email (preferably) or call us in time about who, what, where, when and how, and after mutual agreement we register you as a participant.

Apart from following us, you can do beautiful walks from Fontebona. With or without donkeys. And if Fontebona is not your thing, but you do like the surrounding, then maybe you will like our little cabin in the Picos de Europa: http://casainimini.fontebona.es/

We offer

o basic days when you can follow us along while we go about our daily chores
o special activities of one or several days
o activities annex reception building
o 15 places on 2 hectares, for special activities or tents
o the sanitary facilities, warm showers included, are simple but good
o panoramic shower
o modest bar-restaurant annex shop
o cars only at the parking place
o 1 communal socket on solar power
o 2 fire places
o courses, activities, Sala de la Luz, walks and donkey hikes, little rental cabin Casa Inimini in the Picos de Europa
o general information and documentation about Asturias
o water from our own spring. Fontebona (Good Spring) is named after the spring on our land

We are

We are Astrid and Thomas, Dutchmen living in Asturias, Spain since 2007. We left the Netherlands in search of a more simple lifestyle. First we bought an old house somewhat more to the west, to use as a stepping stone. After a further two-year search we bought this sloping piece of land with an old barn on it. Fontebona. With many ups and downs, but surely with a lot of fun we built a very pleasant life here.

The way we are living is lowtech, playful, creative and off-the-grid. We live in and with nature as much as possible. Which we enjoy thoroughly. Our life is simple and stress avoiding.