Ruta de Covadonga

The "Ruta de Covadonga" is the itinerary the pilgrims followed from Santo Toribio de Liébana. According to Andrés Martinez Vega, the official chronicler of Piloña, French maps of the XVII century show that the Santiago de Compostela route has Covadonga as a very important landmark. The connection ran from Santo Toribio de Liébana via Covadonga to Oviedo. There was the body of the saint in the monastry near Potes, the route through the Picos de Europa (Ruta de la Reconquista) full of miraculous conquests against the Mores, visiting the Santina de Covadonga and finally the Cathedral and the Cámara Santa in Oviedo. A profusion of religious highlights from the pilgrims perspective.

Departure Fontebona: 10:00h
Departure parking Covadonga: 11:00h
Departure parking Los Lagos: 12:00h
Bus ride to the Lagos de Covadonga (price 9 € p/p)
ETA in Covadonga: 18:00h

Nummer Route Traject Afstand Stijgen Dalen
PR-PNPE 1 Ruta de Frassinelli Los Lagos - Vega de Comeya 3,0km 75m 200m
GR202-3 Ruta de la Reconquista Vega de Comeya - Covadonga 11,2km 350m 1071m
total: 14,2km 425m 1271m

- Etapa 3: Vega de Comeya - Covadonga
- Andrés Martínez: "Covadonga llegó a ser un importante hito en el Camino de Santiago"

€ – Price on a donation basis and in all conscience – €

Martien Hellinga